Sunday, March 27, 2011

Medical travel and Mesothelioma or chronic illness

As with any other illness, medical travel when you have mesothelioma is common. When you are sick you want the best medical care possible. That sometimes means traveling to another city to explore treatment options or a second opinion.  A few tips can help make the trip easier.

See your regular doctor first
He or she can also give you a letter that outlines your treatment plan, mesothelioma and other health challenges, the medications and any other relevant information. In case you need health care on the trip this letter can make things easier.

It may be helpful to get paper copies of your prescriptions. If you are applying for a special parking tag don’t forget to bring paperwork.

Bring rolls of quarters and one dollar bills
This tip is good for medical travel when you have mesothelioma or for vacation. Change is needed for vending machines and parking. Rolled change can be easier to carry. Make sure bills are in good condition.

Inquire about in hospital lodging
Medical travel if you have mesothelioma can mean an overnight stay. Sometimes a night or two of lodging is available in the hospital at a lower cost than area motels. A call to the hospital social worker can get the ball rolling.

Phone card
Cell phones are great but may be prohibited in a hospital. A phone card can help you stay in touch with loved ones at home.

Pad your trip budget to allow for extra expenses
Medical travel if you have mesothelioma, usually means meals out, parking charges, snacks and magazines from the gift shop. These expenses are small but can add up fast. Build these expenses into your trip budget.

Enjoy the scenery
You may not have time to enjoy the scenery on the way to your destination. Scheduling time for a stop or two on the way home can help break the stress. This can help make medial travel with mesothelioma a little easier emotionally. Extra time at a rest area or a short stop at an interesting store can help brighten spirits.

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