Tuesday, March 15, 2011

More shots of Norris Dam sluice gates spilling

Have you been to Norris Dam lately? Here are a few more shots of the sluice gates as they are spilling.

These photos may not be as dramatic as the night shots but you can see more detail and get a better feel for the raw power of the release.

Spilling like this isn't the same as opening the flood gates. That is a different type of water release which comes from higher up in the structure. The power behind that is even more awe inspiring than this release. But this discharge of water is pretty cool too.

While you are visiting, you may want to take time to explore Norris Dam State Park. My family always enjoys our visit. It's a great place to relax and enjoy nature.

Sites at the campground are $20 per night. There is a maximum stay length of two weeks.

We also enjoy exploring the 18th century grist mill, bicycling, hiking, visiting the Lenoir Museum and just exploring. No matter if we spend a full day or afternoon I always find this state park to be a good local opportunity to refresh and renew.

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