Thursday, March 03, 2011

Our tour of the Car Barn wedding venue in Chattanooga

The Car Barn in Chattanooga was one of the most interesting places that we visited. Selecting a venue for my daughter's wedding is a hugely difficult challenge. I keep saying that I'm glad we have 2 years because I'm convinced it will take me 3.

At first glance it seems like the venue would be a better place for a rehearsal dinner than for a wedding. However, a bride can be just as crazy about cars as a groom. In that case, The Car Barn in Chattanooga could work for either a wedding, reception or a rehearsal dinner.

We spoke with a friendly staff person who clearly enjoyed giving us a tour. She indicated that they could handle everything from set-up to tear down. You must use one of their catering companies. The wedding and groom's cake are the only exceptions.

I'm attaching a couple of photos from our tour. There are more on The Car Barn website that you'll want to check out.

My daughter and future son-in-law
going into The Car Barn
Here they are upstairs at
The Car Barn. Aren't they cute?
Here's my daughter
downstairs at The Car Barn.