Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Why I like Choice Hotels and Mainstay Suites extended stay hotel

One of my savvy blog readers picked up on my comment about Mainstay Suites. Yesterday, I declared them to be my favorite extended stay hotel in Chattanooga. The reader asked why I like it and my thoughts about the Choice Hotels brand in general.

The Mainstay Suites is my favorite for several reasons. Whenever I have stayed there the room has always been clean. I’ve had zero maintenance issues and the staff has been good to help with directions and information. Not every extended stay hotel can say that.

Room layout is important. I enjoy the large room here. It’s divided by a wall and counter. There is enough room to work or feed the kids. Plus, there is enough room to walk around furniture without feeling crowded.

This extended stay hotel includes a dishwasher, soap and towels are provided. Daily room service, continental breakfast and WI-FI are available at no extra charge.

There are several things about Choice Hotels that I like. Some of the brands include the Mainstay Suites (extended stay hotel), Comfort Inn, Econo Lodge and Quality Inn.  

Being able to donate to charity with my purchases is important to me. Choice Hotels is teamed up with iGive. All I need to do is long into the iGive portal and click Choice Hotels. From that point, I reserve the room as normal. About 2% goes to the nonprofit of my choosing. That’s always cool in my book!

Another thing that I like is the reward program. Points are racked up with every night stay. These can be used for a free night from Choice Hotels or gift cards. Special promotions can help rack up points fast. It’s always nice to have enough to stay for free at an extended stay hotel or any of the Choice Hotels.

These perks are enough to get me in the door but aren’t enough to keep me. Consistency is important. Whether I’m staying in  D.C.  or elsewhere I like knowing that the room will be comfortable after a long day. Any brand can have its problem locations but Choice Hotels seems to be steadier than many.

Frankly, I’ve found the Econo Lodge brand to be hit and miss across the country. So far, the exception that I’ve found seems to be the Berea, Kentucky location. Otherwise, Comfort Inn is rapidly becoming my preferred choice anytime a single night is needed.

For these reasons, Choice Hotels can plan on having me for a customer for a long time.

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