Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Another new sensor put my PT Cruiser back on the road

Yay! It's fixed. Another new sensor put my PT Cruiser back on the road. Jim Cogdill Dodge found the problem. It turns out that one of the sensors we purchased yesterday was defective. The tech found it, changed it and then drove my car 40 miles to be sure everything worked.

My daughter writing
Alaska or Bust  on the PT Cruiser car window.
Dealerships sometimes get a bad rap. I've known repairs to be costly and take all day. My daughter had a horrible experience at a different dealership.

She worked hard to buy her pick-up truck herself. When it broke she and her boyfriend took it to be diagnosed. Not only did she get a bad diagnosis but she had a hard time getting staff to talk with her instead of her boyfriend.

Not so at Jim Cogdill Dodge.  I'm really thankful for the tech who worked so hard on my PT Cruiser. With dealerships like this Chrysler can be assured of a good future.

My confidence level is high that with these guys and the folks at Midas my PT Cruiser will be on the road for a long time to come. I hope so anyway. DC and Alaska are calling again.

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