Friday, April 08, 2011

Cheap engagement party cost breakdown

The decorations for the cheap engagement party didn’t cost as much as I had feared. The Dollar Tree had plastic ware and table covers and AC Moore and JoAnn’s had clearance items up for grabs.

Flowers and plates cost more than planned. Fortunately, we already had a few serving pieces in Sunshine Yellow. My daughter’s other color of Malibu Blue was another story. These had to come from Party City and they weren’t cheap.

Flowers for the tables came from the Fresh Market in Farragut. A very helpful staff person helped me pick them out and she also told me how to keep them alive overnight. I spent a little more on flowers for the cheap engagement party than I’d planned on.

Overall, we were pleased with how it turned out. Our daughter was thrilled. Cheap engagement party or not I honestly don't think that anyone could have been happier at their event. 

Cheap engagement party budget $400 
Food $200
Decorations $75
Venue $50
Utensils and paper goods $40
Flowers $35

Actual cheap engagement party costs
Food $182
Decorations $51
Venue $50
Utensils and paper goods $46
Miscellaneous items $34
Flowers $22
Total: $385

We are actually recouping some of the costs outlined above. The chips and burgers we're going to use at home.  So far, $10 worth of unopened items have been returned to the store. Another $17 is still to go back.  

This brings the cheap engagement party cost to $358.

Hamburger patties, burgers, chips etc. will be used at home. It is still factored into the above costs but will stretch our grocery budget by around $55 - $60 easily.  Vases and some serving utensils and other miscellaneous items used for the engagement event will be reused at the wedding. 

These items don't necessarily reduce the costs of the cheap engagement party but they do add extra value. From decorations to food our total cost per person came to an almost unbeatable $7.16.  Now, let's see how we do for the wedding.  (Date TBA).

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