Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Custom pens help charities raise awareness

The charity I work with has started looking at promotional pens. The organization is at the point where custom pens would help push the nonprofit to the next level. As people share the pens it would raise awareness about sexual and domestic violence. At the same time, the custom pens would help raise brand awareness for the nonprofit.

One of the other products that the nonprofit is considering is personalized notepads.  They ordered some a few years ago. The feedback was excellent. Colleagues said that the custom notepads made it easier to refer clients to us who needed our services.

Reading reviews is the perfect way to gain insight on a company and their line of products. Some bloggers live to write about our experiences with different companies. As a whole, blogs offer more marketing product reviews than anyone else on the internet.

Let’s face facts; it is not enough for a business to carry quality products today. Companies and nonprofit organizations that are marketing themselves need to be confident that the customization will be correct and that the product will arrive on time. Good customer service is a big part of the buying experience.

Custom pens and notepads aren’t the only items that can be customized. Lanyards and badges, pocket planners, promotional plastic bags and reusable totes are all popular.  With so many choices, it’ll be fun to see what custom pen, notepad or other personalized item the charity picks. I’ll be sure to keep you posted.

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