Saturday, April 16, 2011

Don't forget bags if you're going to EarthFest in Knoxville

Are you going to the 2011 EarthFest in Knoxville today? Here's a reminder to be sure to bring your bags with you. According to their website, visitors who bring in at least 10 plastic bags can trade them in for a reusable tote. 

Plus, don't forget to bring a regular light bulb. You may not have heard but these can be traded in too. The traditional style of light bulbs that we all know and love can be more hazardous to the environment than the newer style. At the 2011 EarthFest in Knoxville today you can trade that old one in. 

There are other Earth Day festivals in the area. We have a blog post on them through this url. If we missed on be sure to let us know in the comments field. 

The event is from 10am - 5pm at the Pellissippi State Campus on Hardin Valley. Last year, plenty of parking was available right next to the EarthFest tents. 

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