Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Home inspections can help spot mold growth

I was snapping photos Sunday when my sneezing and coughing let me know that it’s allergy season. Mold season usually isn’t far behind and that’s where my problems start. We didn’t know about home inspections for mold several years ago but I wish we did.

The problems began after moving into a certain house. All Hubby and I knew is that I was sick all the time. The doctors stuck me in the hospital more than once. Our kids rotated through different antihistamines trying to find one that worked.

We had mold issues in the bathroom but didn’t know about doing inspections in other areas of the home. We also blamed our health issues on pollen instead of the real culprit.  It was a mess that home inspections might have helped us prevent.

Obvious problems like leaky pipes, flooding, and dripping water heaters can all contribute. After several hospitalizations, I found out mold and water damage can be hidden.  Home inspections can help homeowners find hidden problem areas.
It never occurred to us that occasional seepage in the basement could be our hot spot.

If you are allergic to mold, consider home inspections. Chicago, Knoxville, Arizona… It doesn’t matter were you live, the stuff grows everywhere. It can pay to have inspections done on your home to help spot problems.

Hubby’s job transferred him to another state. Coincidentally, we began feeling better. A trip to a new doctor confirmed that mold levels in my bloodstream were high. A few weeks later I felt much better and the levels were back to normal.

Mold spores can hide in air vents, carpets, countertops, soil and lots of other places. It doesn’t grow until the right season or right conditions make it possible. I wish we had known that home inspections could help us find the sources so we could fix them. It would have made our lives much healthier.

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