Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Home inspections check for mold and other hazards

Hubby and I lived in a place a few years ago. It wasn’t until after we had been there for several months that the mold problem began to materialize. At first, it appeared as a few dark spots on the bathroom wall. Then we noticed a musty smell in the basement and in the bathroom closet. Before we knew it the mold had taken hold in other places around the house.

What we did not know is what a home inspection might have told us. It turned out that mold was growing on the back side of the sheet rock and on the studs in the walls.

Our home is provided through Hubby’s job so right now we aren’t in the market to purchase a house. But when we do get ready, no matter where we live, we’ll have a pro come in to do a home inspection. Tampa, Fairbanks or Knoxville it won’t matter where we look we’ll get the house assessed by a pro.

We had my grandmother’s house checked out after she passed away. I was pretty impressed by what the inspector had to say. Inspectors don’t just spot problems but they can make recommendations on how to fix them. This was a great help to us as we prepared the house to be put on the market.

On your existing home, inspections that check for mold and other hazards can let you know what condition your home really is in. Having an inspection done before purchasing a house can save you from making a mistake.

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