Thursday, April 07, 2011

How we had a cheap engagement party for less than $400

If you’ve ever wanted to know how to throw a cheap engagement party I can now tell you how to do it. We threw one last week for my daughter and her fella. Our goal for the shin dig was to keep the expenses under $400. This would never have been possible without the extra writing and help from my older daughter.

Even though it was a cheap engagement party my daughter and her friends had a good time. We put some thought into what would fit their personalities. Most of her friends are college age so we factored that in too.

Ultimately, we decided to have it at Victor Ashe Park in Knoxville. You can rent the pavilion there for $25 for a half day or $50 for a full day from Parks and Recreation. The large grassy field and dog park made traditional party games unnecessary. 

Since we felt they'd never hear it over the fields anyway we axed the music. Invitations were sent by Facebook and email. This reduced postage and was a lot easier than writing envelopes.

My daughter and fiancĂ© created a guest list for about 50 people for the cheap engagement party. Most of the guests were college students. When my daughter turned up her nose at steak and chicken kabobs we switched to a traditional menu of burgers and hot dogs.

All of these were ordered from Sam’s Club using click’n pull. We also picked up the cheap engagement party cake there for about $20. I cannot say enough about how helpful the staff at the Sam’s Club Knoxville Center was. Impressive doesn’t begin to cover it. (But that’s a future blog article).

We planned for 50 but I way overbought on the food. No one went home hungry but we did have a full case of burgers left, a half box of hot dogs and about 20 bags of chips.
The decorations for the cheap engagement party didn’t cost as much as I had feared. The Dollar Tree had plastic ware and table covers and AC Moore and JoAnn’s had clearance items up for grabs.

Flowers and plates cost more. 

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