Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Little steps that we're taking toward green living

Ok, when it comes to green living I’m a little behind the learning curve. Ever since we moved into our current home there has been a big black thing in our yard. Today I found out that it’s called a composting bin. Compost material is supposed to be important for gardening. How cool is that?

Bucket garden
and seedlings.
For the first time in our married lives Hubby and I have started a bucket garden.Up until now, traveling often has impacted my ability to care for plants. Composting may help me keep plants alive. 

Because we are learning more about green living we bought used pickle buckets from Firehouse Subs. The advantages are that they’re sturdy, cheap and saved from the landfill. The best part is that the purchase price buys lifesaving equipment for fire departments.

I’m also trying to live greener when traveling. My goal is to put cans and bottles in the right containers at gas stations. The parks that we visit almost always have separate bins for recycling. It helps the earth and keeps my car less cluttered when I’m traveling.

Lettuce growing in a bucket garden.
Another step that we’ve taken with traveling is to use a fuel efficient car. It’s not a hybrid but my PT Cruiser get about 35 mpg on the highway.

Green living goes beyond composting and recycling buckets. We’re taking steps to live green in other areas too.

For example, we’re switching over compact fluorescent bulbs. Hubby checked the weather stripping when we moved it. The windows are all double pane so we don’t worry about those. We also use our ceiling fans regularly.

I enjoy traveling and would like my grandkids to be able to see glaciers, the Alaska tundra and the biosphere of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The steps that we're taking toward green living are small but they help the environment. Most of all, these are things that anyone can do. If we all take these tiny steps, we can make a huge difference. Will you join me?

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