Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Midas is doing a great job on my car

Midas is doing a great job on my car. This is the second time I've had my car worked on there in about 18 months. The service keeps getting more impressive.

I called the Midas on Kingston Pike after my car tried leaving me stuck on the side of the road. Then I phoned Hubby to pick me up. We were able to go right over and drop the car. The process was smooth and Chris was great.

My PT Cruiser
About 1.5 hours later he called with the news that we'd been expecting. My spark plugs were shot and my cam shaft position censor needed to be replaced (again). They could get right on it and have me back on the road in about 2 hours. It sounded good so I green lighted the work.

Midas in Knoxville isn't just about brakes anymore. They can do almost every kind of mechanical repair that your car might need. I'm also impressed with the waiting room. It reminds me of a living room. There is coffee and free WI-FI. Nice.

As promised, the work was done in about 2 hours. Chris showed us the parts and even Hubby was stunned. Ooops. I drove the car a little too long without having a tune-up done. That'll teach me! Red faced, I paid Midas in Knoxville $400 and happily headed out. (By the way, we price checked. The cost was less expensive than everywhere we found.)

The engine started up and sounded good. I steered my car and headed south. It felt good to be back on the road!

Then, it happened. Three miles later I had to accelerate. A loud ding indicated the check engine light came on as the car choked, again.

We phoned Midas in Knoxville, did a u-turn and headed back.

Johnny is the tech who worked on the car. Chris had test driven it. Both were concerned to see us back so quickly. They immediately pulled the new code off the check engine light. Wouldn't you know it, the crankshaft position center needed to be changed too.

Up on the rack she went. The part arrived quickly. Johnny charged no labor and replaced the crankshaft position censor. Seeing my car come down off the rack at Midas in Knoxville was a happy moment. Johnny got in the car, started her up and she ran like a top.

Then she choked, again.

Did I tell you about the vacuum leak? It was pretty minor and I'd forgotten about it.

Fortunately, Midas in Knoxville wasn't busy when we came back in. It was late evening about an hour before closing time. Chris and Johnny stayed there until after closing to finish the car. Both were beyond professional and extremely nice.

One of the guys said that their reputation is on the road with every car they fix. It's hard to find people who care about their job anymore. Both Chris and Johnny are obviously committed and care a great deal. The car has to go to the dealership tomorrow for more information on codes. This isn't their fault. I'm extremely pleased with their service.

The Midas in Knoxville is conveniently located for me. Even if it wasn't, for service like this, I'd be glad to drive. Great job guys! We'll be seeing you again... for an oil change next time though ok?

Get in touch with them:
10025 Kingston Pike
Knoxville, TN 37922

Phone: 865-691-5005

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