Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My PT Cruiser breakdowns and car repair coupons

About two weeks ago I took my beloved Chrysler PT Cruiser in for some minor repair work. We thought it only needed a tune up. Wrong! Before it was finished we spent about $1,000 on repairs.

Painting 'Alaska or Bust' on my PT Cruiser
Midas Brakes in Knoxville, Tennessee does most of my repair work. They have been so great over our latest repairs that they’ll have my business forever. The mechanics explain what's wrong, show me what needs to be fixed and steer me toward car repair coupons when they can. Getting broken parts back from them is no problem.

I first found Midas when I needed to have a simple the brakes worked on. They had a car repair coupons online that eased the cost. The simple and straightforward repair had me in and out of the shop in less than three hours. I don’t know if they use sprinter brake pads or not but the car has done well since then.

People laugh when I say that my Chrysler PT Cruiser is my third child. It has taken us on several trips to Washington, D.C. and to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. It’s also the vehicle we used for our trip to Fairbanks, Alaska.

In addition to family road trips I have another reason for keeping my car in as good repair as I can afford. Being stranded on the road is never a good thing. When you have asthma and blood sugar issues (among other health challenges) like I do keeping the car running right can be a lifesaver.

Affording those repairs can be another issue. I’ve been able to find car repair coupons in the following places:

Online through the corporate websites
Local newspapers
Knox County Schools Coupon Book (This has car repairs, restaurants and everything else.)
Car repair coupons can also be found in circulars in gas stations and restaurants

The mechanics at Midas on Kingston Pike in Knoxville have been great to steer me toward these savings possibilities. It’s just one of the things that I appreciate about them. Hopefully, I won’t need them again anytime soon but it’s good to know they are available if my Chrysler PT Cruiser does need them.

Here is another post on my My PT Cruiser breakdowns and car repair coupons. I couldn't have gotten some of the work done without them.

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