Friday, April 01, 2011

Passing along a helpful travel website for D.C. or just about anywhere

I just found a new (to me) travel website that I’m excited about. It’s called They offer discount travel reservations but it was a travel guide that caught my attention.

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When my daughter comes home from college in D.C., her only chance at a summer vacation will be on the way home to Tennessee. This is an expensive town to stay in. Instead of sticking with Choice Hotels I always scour the internet for the best price.

Hopefully the college will have rooms available. If not, I’ll need a good price for an overnight stay in the Washington, D.C. or Virginia area. 

After the car is loaded up we hope to camp for a couple of nights at a state or national park for her vacation.

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The great thing is that is able too help with both situations.

I compared a few hotels through them and liked the deals that I saw. They’re showing the Hyatt Regency Crystal City in Arlington for $143 per night and the Sheraton National Hotel there for $149 per night. Those prices are pretty cheap for the D.C. area.

I read about Great Falls National Park on their travel guide. The site calls it a “tourist hotspot” so you know that we have to visit! The information about it on says that we can hike, picnic, rock climb, kayak and visit the falls. Those are all activities that my daughter would enjoy.

For me, the website has been pretty helpful. Here’s another link in case you want to check them out too.

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