Tuesday, April 12, 2011

What car repair is next for my broken PT Cruiser

Yesterday, I wrote about the marvelous job that Midas in Knoxville did with my car. This is my first major car repair since traveling to Alaska in 2009. The Midas crew worked on my car for hours, explained everything to me and showed me the old parts. I remain very impressed.

P.T. Cruiser  with Alaska Hwy. Bumper Sticker
The problem is that my Chrysler P.T. Cruiser is still running rough. Forget travel. The car is barely running. Midas technicians found and fixed several things but were unable to pinpoint the exact problem. The check engine light still comes on and the car runs rough when the tachometer goes over 2200. 

Dealers have the most up to date equipment. So, I took the suggestion of the guys at Midas and headed over to the Jim Cogdill Dodge Chrysler dealership for a diagnostic. The staff was very nice when we brought it in. We were assured that they'd be in touch later with the findings. 

The phone call came a couple of hours later. I was told that the Jim Cogdill Dodge Chrysler dealership found problem. For $200 they could fix it and have me back on the road. This sounded good to me so I jumped at it!

After two days of car problems it's nice to be back on the road. I got in and let the car idle for a minute. The soft purring was music to my ears. With a wave to my husband we left the Chrysler dealership and were off. It was great to be back in my car behind my wheel! 

That is, until it choked down on the interstate on ramp.
Nothing had changed.
My P.T.Cruiser was still running rough when the tach reached 2200 rpm.

I phoned the dealership and Hubby followed me back. The crew was surprised to see us back but probably weren't as surprised as I was to be back. Their tech mumbled something about how he took my car on an 8 mile test drive and didn't have any problem. I don't know if he did or not. All I know is that my P.T. Cruiser is still broken. 

So far it has new:
spark plugs
spark plug wires
repaired a tiny vacuum leak 
cam shaft position sensor
crankshaft position sensor
plastic encased magnet thingy at the back of the engine (I forgot the tech term. Sorry!)

And it still has the same problem. All is good up to 2100 rpm. At 2200 all bets are off. 

I have to travel in a couple of weeks to bring my daughter home from college. My Chrysler P.T. Cruiser is a great car. It's just broken. Any ideas on what it could be? Let me know. The comments section below has plenty of space.

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