Thursday, April 07, 2011

Where should I stay in DC on New Years Eve

I’m thinking about taking a surprise trip to DC New Years Eve. The holiday always sneaks up on Hubby and me. We almost never think about going anywhere for New Year. It would be pretty cool to change that.

Most everyone knows that my daughter is in school there. It’s always good to see her and with Megabus service from Knoxville to Washington it’s easier than ever to get there. Just book the ticket, hop on the bus and arrive nine hours later. What could be easier?

So far, we’ve not been in a large city for the New Year. DC may be just what we need. We could stay in one of the La Quinta hotels or one of the Comfort Inn locations. By looking ahead, there is sure to be a place to stay in the area that will have accommodations available.

It would be reasonable to plan that a lot of people will do New Years Eve Washington DC style. La Quinta hotels doesn’t have many locations in downtown and that’s ok. If its hugely crowded some of the outlying areas might work better for us.

I’m pretty sure that the Megabus stop in Washington is closer to Virginia than the heart of Washington, DC but not near any of the La Quinta hotels. Readers have told me about the new shuttle service that carries passengers to Union Station from the Megabus stop and vice versa.

I’ve not tried the new stop for myself yet but I know that from Union Station you can go pretty much everywhere in the Washington, DC metro area. Heading one of the La Qunita hotels shouldn’t be a problem.

With that resolved, the only thing that’s left to decide is what to do. In addition to staying in La Quinta Hotels and seeing monuments I’m open to other suggestions. Be sure to tell me what you like about DC (or don’t) in the comments field below.

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  1. I haven't been to D.C. since 2001, but I'd certainly like to go back. My favorites there center around the Smithsonian where I could spend days wandering around. I'm sure you will find some great spots to celebrate New Years. rcj