Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Can anything top a Panasonic Toughbook for traveling

A sturdy computer is a must-have for me. Because of my day job I have to check email and update their blog on the road. It doesn't matter if I am home or in the middle of the backwoods. The updates still have to be done and my personal blogs (this one) have to be checked.

My blog readers know that I've had pretty good luck with my Asus netbook computer. It plays well with my wireless modem and easily accesses the net. On most days, I'll lug it around in my backback with my camera and the other items that a power internet user needs. So far, it's been durable and holds up well.

The netbook also goes on vacation with me. My old sidekick traveled from Tennessee, to Canada. It went to Fairbanks and Seward, Alaska before making the trip back home.

One day I had the not so brilliant idea of placing it on my car hood. My netbook computer slid across the hood, hit the curb and landed on the ground. My heart started beating again when I saw that it was fine. Other than a long scratch in the cover the netbook was ok.

It was time to recently purchase another computer. I picked up another netbook and am pretty happy with it. The thoughts of taking it on vacation make me a little nervous. The last thing that I need is another hood incident or to have the computer dropped and rendered useless.

I started wondering about computers that could be used at construction sites or in dangerous jobs. That's when I found out about the Toughbooks by Panasonic. These are designed to take a real beating and keep on working. They are engineered to withstand dirt, drops, grime and more. They've been known to survive fires, falls and soda spilled on the keyboard.

They're a little pricer than the average computer. If I purchase one it will be one of the refurbished panasonic toughbooks that are on the market. A refurb is not only only intriguing but they're also more affordable.

The netbook is good. When it comes to durablity the Panasonic Toughbook may be better suited for my travels. The idea of having down time due to breakage seems to be considerably reduced. That appeals to me. I don't know for sure if I'll get one or not but I am checking out with an eye toward a future purchase.

If you are a blog reader that has one let me know. The comments section is waiting on you. I'd love to have your input.

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