Monday, May 23, 2011

Shanghai sights and travel; A someday dream

We're hearing lots in the news lately about China. Many of us view it as an industrial and economic powerhouse of mystery and intrigue. China is that but much more. Moreover, it is also a country that I would like to visit.

There are many areas of the country that any traveler would possibly enjoy seeing. Shanghai has an international airport plus transportation by car, bus, taxi and mass transportation options. Zhujiajiao Ancient Town has been referred to as the town's 'Venice'. The town is trans versed by a series of waterways that add interest to the town. Bridges there have been built during the Ming Dynasty. That alone puts it on my visit list.

Shanghai restaurants are said to be plentiful and include local favorites and continental cuisine.

I'd also like to visit the beautiful Yuyuan Garden. It was created in the late 1500's. It was originally a gift to the parents of Pan Yunduan as a place where they could retire and enjoy their later years. Today, the famous garden attracts visitors from all over the world.

For me, it's hard to imagine that anything that was created so long ago could still be in existence today. The garden covers a whopping 20,000 square meters. Surely, the Yuyuan Garden must be a sight to behold.

Shanghai has lots of shopping opportunities. The city has many malls but also small markets that I enjoy shopping in.

There are lots of tea houses to experience. Like much of the orient, tea choices here abound. Shanghai is also reputed to have a tea market with many flavors that are yet to be found in the U.S.

One day, I hope to be able to see the sights in for myself and learn more about this incredible country. In the meantime, I'll have to content myself by finding Shanghai Travel Info on the internet and in the travel brochures.

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