Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Concealed carry permit and a grown up daughter

I have to admit to being a bit shocked at my daughter's requested birthday present. She is over 21 now and likes making her own decisions. Her boyfriend has taught her how to shoot and they enjoy going to the range together. I guess it shouldn't have surprised me when she wanted a gun for her birthday.

She and her fiance go hiking together as often as they can. Their back country travel can put them in a potentially dangerous situation with wildlife. Self-defense is another reason. This family knows all too well how prevalent crimes are against women.

To carry a gun (like the lightweight ruger lcp) will require her to get a concealed carry permit. My daughter may fully intend to do just that.

Applications for a concealed carry permit in Tennessee can be picked up at any drivers license center. It is a shall issue state which means that only legal residents can be authorized to carry a gun. After fees are paid and the state does an NCIS check the permit can be issued within 90 days.

She also has to complete a handgun safety course from a school that is approved by the State of Tennessee. There are also other requirements like no criminal record, not be the subject of a domestic violence order of protection and a few other things.

The permit may be easier for her to get than for her dad to come to terms with. He isn't an anti-gun kind of person. He's more of an 'I can't believe my baby girl has grown up' kind of person. First the wedding and now a concealed carry permit. His baby girl has definitely grown up.

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  1. Carrying a gun may help to protect your daughter in some untoward incidents but it does not necessarily mean that it cannot put her in more trouble. There are some incidents that undisciplined gun owners are losing their temper and tend to kill other people.