Tuesday, May 03, 2011

A green spring break for our family

Guest post written by Rick Sale

By the time spring break rolls around, our whole family needs a break, just not the kids. So we always try to do at least a little something together as a family during spring. Most of the time that's a day trip, but we decided to do a bigger trip this year.

I knew that we wanted to go somewhere that's very walk-able, so I started doing my research about a month or so ago. While I was online looking at some green travel resources, I found this site for

ShopElectricityRatesTexas and after I looked through it a little bit, I decided to sign up for one of the energy savings plans for our household that I found with it.

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  1. Energy savings is a good way to go. I use Time of Day for my electricity which saves me a lot over the course of the year. rcj