Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Red Robin is the place for gourmet burgers in Farragut

The 'Knoxville' Red Robin in Farragut, Tennessee opened about 2 years ago. It's in the Turkey Creek Shopping Center about halfway down Parkside Drive. You can't miss the big red building on the right as you come in from Knoxville.

Travel Bear at Red Robin
I've driven past the restaurant many times but haven't had the chance to eat there until recently. Now, I wonder what took me so long to try it.

The Red Robin in Farragut is just a fun place to eat. The chain restaurant reminds me of a cross between Denny's and a 50's style diner. Basically it's an upscale burger joint with table service. They promise to serve you hot gourmet burgers with endless fries. Our experience lived up to the hype.

It's all indoors though. Outdoor patio dining isn't an option at this Red Robin. It's a casual family type of place with a full bar. I understand from our server that it can be a popular spot to watch the University of Tennessee football games.

Fun at the Red Robin in Farragut begins when the door opens. Hubby and I brought Travel Bear along for the ride. He's tucked into the arm of the large modified replica of the Statue of Liberty. This tall statute greets you when you step inside. Bear seemed like a natural fit. The rest of the interior is bright, perky and fun.

This Red Robin also has chicken sandwiches, salads and fish and chips. There are even vegetarian options. Beverages include milk shakes, floats, smoothies and Coca Cola products. Desserts are also available. You can download their full menu by clicking here.

 Burger prices are similar to Calhoun's or other restaurants of similar class. We paid $8.89 for a Red Robin Gourmet Cheeseburger and $9.79 for the Sauteed 'Shroom Burger. Both of these came with unlimited french fries. We also ordered iced tea.

We were there after the lunch rush but before dinner. The restaurant wasn't crowded. From the time we ordered it took the food about 10 minutes to hit the table.

Where Bear Traveled Red Robin TN
The Red Robin cheeseburger is one of the better burgers that I've had lately. The cheddar cheese on mine was nicely melted. Hubby enjoyed his meal. The seasoning was good but not overpowering. Our fries were cooked crisp. It also helped that our friendly server cleared the dishes promptly.

Our ticket came to about under $30 for burgers, drinks and tax.

I'm not sure when we will be back in the Turkey Creek area in Farragut. If it's around meal time I will gladly consider going back to this restaurant.

My rating: 4 Stars 

Red Robin Knoxville/Turkey Creek
11433 Parkside Drive
Farragut, TN 37934
Phone: (865)777-1112
Website: http://www.redrobin.com/
Sun-Thurs: 11am-10pm

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