Friday, May 27, 2011

More about our decision to buy a Disney Dining Plan

If you missed the article about how we chose the plan you may want to go back and read it. It tells you more about how buying it helped us. Otherwise, here's more about our decision and quick overview of the Disney Dining Plans.

You must be staying on WDW property to be able to purchase a Disney Dining Plan. Each meal or snack is tracked as a point. There is one each per day. You can use them in any combination. The same plan must be purchased for each member of your family and the meals must be purchased for the length of your package.

Different pricing is available for each Disney Dining Plan. Before choosing one think about your family lifestyle.

Families who want to grab a quick bite and head back out for the action may find choosing Disney Quick-Service Dining to be the best option. This option allows you to eat and minimizes down time.

Us at Planet Hollywood.
The types of restaurants available and meal combinations are different with each plan. (The WDW website lists them all.) Our choice was the Disney Dining Plan which included 1 Table-Service for each adult or child,1 Quick-service meal and 1 snack. Hubby and I like a light lunch but full service evening meal where we can relax. For us, choosing the Disney Dining Plan was perfect.

Couples or families who want to try upscale dining may want to try choosing the Disney Deluxe Dining or Premium. More meals are available each day. Shows that require two points will be more likely to fit into your points budget for your WDW vacation.

Generally, the most expensive dining selections are included with the Deluxe or Premium plan. Not always though. The plan we were on is simply called the Disney Dining Plan. It is filled with some excellent choices. The Quick-Service Disney Dining Plan also has a wider variety than you might expect.

Choosing a Disney Dining Plan can save money for your family. It saved money for ours. Plus, if you book during certain times of year you can get the plan for free.

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