Monday, May 23, 2011

My daughter hopes for a green home

My blog readers know that my younger daughter has gone off and gotten herself engaged. Finishing school and travel is at the top of the list of what they want to do.

Like everyone else, they hope to be homeowners someday. My daughter's dream is to own an older Victorian style home. Her guy seems to want something more modern. He at least, knows how to swing a hammer. My daughter can't make that claim.

One thing that they both agree on is the desire for a green home. They plan to use as many recycled products as possible and insist on having their own garden. Both of them believe in preserving the environment and are planning to find or build a home that includes:

Solar lighting and electricity
Energy Star appliances
Programmable thermostats
Geothermal heat pump

In other words, they have all the big ideas that young couples have. They are living big and planning big before reality sets in. With hard work they may eventually get their green home.

It is more likely that their first abode will probably be a fixer-upper and they'll add touches to make it a green home as they can afford them. Both of the kids enjoy working with their hands so I'm sure that most of the work can be done themselves and some will be contracted.

My daughter isn't sure where either of them will be able to find jobs after college. This will certainly affect their plans for a green home. If they are in Pennsylvania, a Downingtown handyman can help them do the work. Otherwise, family and friends will probably be called upon to lend a hand.

Creating a green building isn't as hard as it used to be. Recycling and purchasing energy efficient appliances are things that everyone can do to have a green home. From this mom's point of view, it's good that a handyman can be called in for anything more complicated than that.

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