Monday, May 16, 2011

My upcoming trip to Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida is calling my name. It's still several months away but that's not dampening my enthusiasm. EPCOT is my favorite. I'm looking forward to seeing everything that I missed last time.

In June 2010, our family and daughter's fiance volunteered with a nonprofit to get free tickets for one day. We booked a couple of extra nights in the campground. This let us visit areas like Downtown Disney and ride the monorail for free.

At Planet Hollywood in Downtown Disney
This year, Hubby and I are thinking of flying instead of driving. Our Walt Disney World vacation will be child free. Taking a plane will help maximize our fun and may put us into the parks a little quicker and may be more cost effective. Plus, once we've never once had to move our car once we've gotten onto the WDW property.

Our traveling hopes aren't limited to the US. In the next few years, Hubby wants to go to England. As a pastor it makes sense for him to want to see where John Wesley lived and worked. I'm sure that we'll have a good time.

Flight comparison is the key to getting the best deals and schedules at home or abroad. This day and time it can really pay to shop around. We've found huge differences in flight prices for our trip. Comparison shopping is key to being able to fly where we want to go.

It also helps to have value added services at your destination. Walt Disney World has a shuttle system to take guests to the parks. Baggage will be 'magically transported' for us. All we have to do when we get to Florida is deplane, get the shuttle and check in at WDW.

I don't think it'll get much easier than that. Do you? Look for lots of blog posts to come this fall.

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