Monday, May 16, 2011

Reasons for renting a car for vacation

Reasons for renting a car for vacation vary. We've talked about the car rental debate in an earlier post. My family is still weighing options. In the meantime, I've been researching some of the reasons why we should look into discount car rental.

Keeping mileage off of your family car.
This helps for a few reasons. By renting a car you will be keeping vacation miles off of your family vehicle. This helps prolong the life of the vehicle and it fights depreciation. Either of these are appropriate considerations.

Extreme conditions

Another reason that people have given me to rent a car is that the vehicle may not be equipped for extreme conditions of heat or cold. My family has been fortunate to have not had a problem with this so far.
Although the heat in Arizona is extreme in July our air conditioner was up to the challenge. Malfunctioning a/c in this climate can be deadly. Had the air not held we would have begun checking out Phoenix car rental asap.

Different vehicle size
Vacationing may mean that you need a larger or smaller vehicle than the one you currently own. Groups are more comfortable in minivans or SUVs. Parents who are on a road trip without kids may want to park the minivan in favor of a trend sportscar.

Post flight transportation
When it comes to mass transportation some cities are still behind the curve. Renting a car may be your only option for getting around town conveniently. Car rental Los Angeles is made easier by having a location near the airport. Flying into a town is one time that renting a car is the only option available.

There are many reasons to rent a car for vacation. These are just a few. Feel free to leave a note in the comments section on why renting works for you. It may help others who are thinking about it to make the right decision.

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