Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Travelers may enjoy recreating goat meat recipes

When we lived in North Carolina we had occasion to meet someone who kept goats as pets. I didn't know anything about them and he was glad to educate me. Learning about them was quite an education. Apparently, goats are used for more than milk or cheese. I was startled to find out how popular goat meat has become.

Goat seems to be a staple on tables in many other countries throughout the world. is a dish that travelers may well run across. Mexico, India, Greece and Africa are countries where goat meat and other products are popular.

The meat is supposed to be lower in fat and have more protein that sources we are used to eating in the United States. Goat legs seem to be popular parts of the animal for making all sorts of recipes. This one for goat sausage sounds interesting.

Although the meat has its own distinctive qualities some people seem to prefer it over beef, pork or chicken. It can be cooked in a variety of different ways. Roasting, stews and sausage seem to be popular goat recipes.

Travelers may be familiar with some of the other spices that are used to season goat meat. Bonnet peppers, lime juice and lemon zest are not often used as meat seasonings in the U.S.

Curry is another ingredient that is becoming more common to use. From what I've learned, goat legs can be cooked with curry and other vegetables to make a hearty stew.

The site linked above says that goat legs can be cut into sirloin chops. These can be stewed or roasted on a spit in the same way that Gyros are cooked. Some people go as far as to claim that this is the best part of the goat.

Jerked leg of goat is another recipe that is also found through the link above. It combines the leg of goat with onions, peppers, ginger and other seasons to make an interesting sounding dish.

One of the benefits of traveling is getting to try all sorts of unusual (to us) dishes. Combing goat legs and the recipes found online may be a good way to try to recreate those dishes once you get home.

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