Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Unique graduation or birthday gifts for guys

Are you looking for a unique gift for a guy? Graduation, birthdays and Christmas are times when we have to come up with the right present. If you are tired of buying the same gift cards over and over this list is riding to your rescue. It can help you find a gift for a guy that works for you both.

Fishing tackle.
If he likes to fish he may like some new tackle. It may take some research to find out what his favorite brands and styles may be. This can be a great gift for a guy. If you are interested in the sport he'll be glad to share his knowledge.

There probably isn't a man on the planet that doesn't enjoy tools. Gifts a guy might like include everything from hammers to high end power tools. Taking a stroll through his work area will tell you what he already has. From there it's not too hard to guess what else he might like.

Yes, men collect things too. If your main guy follows a sports team it's a safe bet that something with the team logo is a good gift for a guy. He might enjoy a nfl mini helmets set, mug, team jacket or other sports memorabilia.

Travel opportunity
Has he wanted to go to a beach, try parasailing or rock climbing or just go out of town? A road trip is an unusual gift for a guy that will be remembered. Traveling is relaxing and fun.

Event tickets
It is hard to go wrong with tickets to an event as a gift for a guy. Concerts, races, car shows, rodeos can all be great gifts for guys. Event tickets that will get him up close and person with anyone he admires is a good choice. Charity fundraisers can provide a chance to meet a celebrity either before or immediately after an event. It's a gift for a guy that anyone would love that may require no travel. Scour the newspaper to discover these possibilities.

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