Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Wedding options my daughter is considering

My daughter is getting closer to making decisions about her big wedding day. Finally!

We've looked at some pretty cool venues around both Chattanooga and Knoxville. The Chattanooga Wedding Chapel has a lot to offer. The Car Barn has eclectic charm but the old Methodist Church in Cades Cove has a lot of appeal as a wedding venue. Of course, there's always the option to marry in a church where Hubby is the pastor.

Not knowing where the wedding will be held is a challenge. Once the venue is set many of the other details will fall into place. The gown, final decorations and food choices area all dictated by the location.

While she is making her plans about where to be married I am gathering ideas for the reception. Of the two I think that I have the easier choice. Fortunately, some basics will work no matter where she gets married or has the reception.

Tablecloth color choices are obvious. Cloth works for outdoor garden reception venues or indoor celebrations. Using rechargeable votive candles eliminates flames from traditional candles and won't blow out if used outside. Vases and flower choices that complement the wedding scheme should work well in just about any setting.

I'm leaning toward having a candy buffet at the reception venue. This should be an attractive way to display the favors and be aesthetically pleasing at the same time. A chocolate fountain is a must too.

The other choices facing me are the usual decisions regarding paper plates or reusable china. My daughter wants everything to be as green as possible. This gives using real china an edge over plastic. The same applies to the glassware choices as well.

In looking over everything, I may have an easier road than my daughter. Selecting the wedding venue looks like it's going to be much more difficult than planning the reception d├ęcor. I think I'm going to enjoy that thought for awhile.

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