Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What I found out about health and hypnotherapy

It seems like using hypnosis is becoming more popular than ever. People use it to help get in touch with their inner self. I have had occasion to talk with people who have used it in an attempt to answer questions about abuse or childhood issues. I've also read about people who used it to help with pain or medical issues.

I've always stuck with the traditional medical approach. I've never had a chance to explore Hypnotherapy Northern Virginia or anywhere else. So, I did some research and tried to dig up the facts. Here are a few things that I learned in the process.

Can you be made to do something you think is morally wrong?
The first thing that I found out is that hypnotherapy will not make a person do something they truly do not want to do. My knowledge was largely based on TV shows. It was a relief to find out that making someone act against their morals is a myth.

Can hypnosis be used for your benefit?
The folks that I have talked with said that hypnotherapy helped them more than traditional therapy. One even went so far as to claim that it helped her reduce her blood pressure medicine. I'm not sure I'd try that without talking with a doctor first.

Can it help me lose weight or improve my health in other ways?
Some people say yes. The person I spoke with who talked about her blood pressure used hypnotherapy to help her deal with stress and lose weight.

Will it replace traditional medicine or therapy?
Apparently not. It seems to be best used to supplement or boost anything that you are already doing to improve your health or emotional outlook.

Should I plan to spend years working on my issues?
Again, apparently not. Hypnotherapy seems to be able to short cut some of the outcomes.

Will it cure medical or other health problems?
No. But, it does look like it may help when dealing with them.

These are a few of the things that I learned. You can find out more by searching the internet, consulting with a hypnotherapist or maybe by talking with your doctor.

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