Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Great service at Jason's Deli in West Knoxville

Hubby and I had our weekly business meeting at Jason's Deli in West Knoxville. In addition to huge and tasty sandwiches they have a salad bar. It's always fresh. Their toppings include a walnut and fruit trail mix, two different kinds of olives in addition to the regular items that most salad bars have.

Jason's Deli in West Knoxville also has these amazing seeded flat bread crackers, an assortment of iced and hot teas. They also serve Coke products. An ice cream bar is included in the cost of the meals. It's a lot of options.

I am on a cane right now and wasn't sure how I would juggle the plate and then the beverage. Employees at several businesses have offered to help me but the staff here went out of their way to do so. Jason's Deli in West Knoxville has tile floors and 4-5 throw rugs. These are at the entryway, by the beverage station and ice cream area.

One particular person who shined was named Rodney. He offered to help when I got a drink, again at the salad bar and again with desserts. This helped me feel more secure and valued as a customer.

He seemed genuine with the offers of help. Plus, our dirty dishes disappeared promptly and clean ones were offered. My blog readers know that I have dined in more expensive restaurants and did not have this kind of service. Although Jason's Deli is a notch eatery I still didn't expect this kind of service.

My total bill was about $11 with tax. That's about right for other deli's in this class. You can bet that I'll be back.

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