Friday, June 24, 2011

Hotel business centers help get work done while on the road

The nonprofit I work with is considering another fundraiser. We're also looking for innovative ways to help and support victims of sexual or domestic violence. Getting any group of people together these days requires schedules to be carefully choreographed. Coordinating these events and services often requires some strategic meeting management on the part of all the volunteers and board members involved.

It's also difficult when so many people are away on leisure or business travel. Fortunately, a lot of hotels offer services that make it easier to stay in touch. Wi-Fi at the hotel is a necessity. Some people swear by a continental breakfast or 24 hour coffee availability. Both of these are helpful but only part of the equation.

For a business traveler there is one hotel  amenity that outshines every other. Access to a hotel business center encourages repeat customers because it makes it possible to conduct business while on the road. How do I know this? It's because I'm a three time repeat business travel customer for the same hotel and I've used the center each time.

For me to attend meetings at a brick and mortar location can be impossible. When I'm on business travel a hotel business center makes is possible for me to print needed documents or even chat with other attendees. 

This hotel amenity is more than just convenience. A business center allows me to help victims. What better combination is there than that?

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