Monday, July 11, 2011

How I saved money at Brixx Pizza with Half Off Depot

I was able to enjoy a rare treat. We had a mother – daughters lunch and day out. The girls always enjoy the pizza and sandwiches at Brixx Pizza in Knoxville. It wasn't our first choice today but seeing a certificate on Half Off Depot changed our minds.

A couple of ago we decided to try the Brixx Pizza in Turkey Creek and weren't disappointed. It had the same great menu and atmosphere as the West Hills location on Kingston Pike. We were pleased with our service. Drinks were refilled promptly and dishes were cleared in a timely manner.

Using Half Off Depot saved us a few dollars. Their daily deals change but the concept remains the same. Vouchers are purchased at 50% of the face value. Most of them can be printed on the home computer which makes it really easy. I purchased two $10 vouchers for $5 each. What a deal!

On our visit to Brixx Pizza in Turkey Creek we ordered our usual. It was a Mexican Pizza ($9.95), Bronx Bomber ($10.95), Hummus ($5.95), a water and two iced teas. All pizzas were served hot. The serving on the hummus dish looked to be a tad smaller than usual. We knew that food would be left over and were ok with that. Besides, with the price of our meal who would complain?

My younger daughter wanted to pay for her own pizza and water. Change isn't given out with the Half Off Depot vouchers but it turns out that the voucher covered my daughter's entire meal. There was only a few pennies difference. How cool is that?

This left me to pay for the iced teas, the other pizza and the dip. I knew that we would exceed the amount of the other voucher and was still surprised at the low cost.

After the Half Off Depot was deducted from the cost of our Brixx Pizza meal at Turkey Creek only about $8 was left. Counting the $5 voucher my portion of lunch was $13. This brought the grand total (voucher cost included) to a whopping $18 for both meals.

We had a great deal from Half Off Depot and a great meal at Brixx Pizza in Turkey Creek. I can't wait for the next deal from this restaurant to come around again.

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