Sunday, June 12, 2011

My trip to Froyoz in Bearden Shopping Center Knoxville

If you hear about it on Twitter it has to be good. That's the hope anyway. Testing that theory took both me and my daughter to the Froyoz in Bearden. It's just off of Kingston Pike in the Bearden EarthFare Center. The purple sign is hard to miss.

It was our first trip to the frozen yogurt shop. We didn't know what to expect so one of the Froyoz team members filled us in. It turns out that you grab a bowl from a wall dispenser and fill it with the yogurt of your choice. 

There are about 12 machines that dispense the frozen yogurt. After your bowl is filled it's time to head over to the toppings bar. There, you will find a whopping array of 50 different toppings. You'll find granola, crushed candy pieces, fresh fruit and even small cut up pieces of cake. 

Froyoz in EarthFare Bearden Center, Knoxville, TN
It's time to take the dessert to the cashier when you've finished creating it. Everything at Froyoz in Bearden is sold by weight. You control the portion and the end cost of the yogurt. No matter what you get it's .49 per ounce. That's not a bad deal.

I paid $8.65 both of for our desserts. The price didn't seem outlandish. Restaurants desserts are often that much or more. Plus, there's not a better treat on a hot summer day than a frozen yogurt.

My daughter and I enjoyed our visit so much that we've already recommended it to blog readers, Twitter pals and local friends.

Bottled water and other drinks are available. If you're in a hurry that's ok too. A freezer on the wall has a hand packed array of boxes for you to take home. Froyoz  in Bearden has a customer loyalty program. Be sure to ask for acard. When you buy 10 bowls of frozen yogurt your 11th one is free.

The next time we're out that way we may just stop in at the Froyoz at Bearden for another frozen yogurt dessert. If you see us be sure to stay hello.

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