Wednesday, June 01, 2011

My visit to the new Sugarbakers in Knoxville

Have you visited the new Sugarbaker's location in Knoxville yet? Finding it made my day.

The wedding cake in the photo is my first in a decade. With my shopping list in hand I headed over to the old Sugarbakers location on Central Avenue Pike in Knoxville. My heart sank when I saw that they had moved. A quick text to Google gave me their phone number so I was able to get directions to the new place.

Sugarbakers in Knoxville is bigger and better than ever. It only took a minute to get most of what I needed for cake decorating. How the extra items wound up in my basket is beyond me. (That's my story.)

The thing is that it's hard to stick with your shopping list at Sugarbakers. There are so many items that finding extra items is unavoidable. Everything in the store is well laid out. As always, if finding what you need is problematic staff will be glad to step in and help

As I started writing this post about Sugarbakers I realized that their new address is not available their website. It's not on the answering machine either so the after hours phone call didn't help. 

Don't give up on Sugarbakers in Knoxville and hit Amazon or eBay just yet. The new store isn't hard to find. If you are familiar with Merchant's Drive the Sugarbakers store is where the old Video Movies To Go store used to be. If you aren't familiar with the area give them a call. Sugarbakers' friendly help can steer you in the right direction.

Here's their contact information:

Knoxwille, TN
(865) 689 - 6877

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  1. this comment is such awonderful surprise. ran across it by accident. we try hsrd to make everyone in the store feel special and to know their project is important to us for 22 yrs now my customers are family and friends whoever this was has made this ole guys day thsnks and say hi to me next time your in. haraddow