Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Our lunch at Uncle Buck's Grill in Kodak, TN

Hubby and I were shopping at Bass Pro Shops in Kodak, Tennessee when we realized it was past lunchtime. We'd been looking at camping equipment and other fun stuff for over an hour. It was past time to eat and we debated for a few minutes about where to go.

You see, the Islamorada Fish Company used to be the restaurant inside Bass Pro. We ate at Islamorada twice and I didn't care for it either time. Food was bland and the service wasn't all that great. Plus, I thought it was overpriced.

Uncle Buck's Alligator Tail
Hubby was quick to point out that the new place is Uncle Buck's Grill. It's still owned by Islamorada Fish Company but (thankfully) the only thing that resembles the old place is the decor.

The benefit of a 3:00 pm lunch is that you pretty much have any restaurant to yourself. We were seated immediately. The server appeared about the time that Hubby stepped out to take a phone call. This left me to order the iced teas and appetizer.

I may as well confess to you that Hubby didn't know what appetizer  I ordered. Maybe that's why I went for the alligator tail at Uncle Buck's Grill? Or, maybe it was because the server made it sound so good. Either way, it was soon on its way and arrived at about the same time that Hubby did.

He looked at the balls of meat (shown above) and asked what they were. 'Chicken, I said.' Hubby just shrugged, at one and looked at me really funny. According to him the dish was good but a little chewy.

Fortunately, the burgers arrived before I had to fess up. He ordered the Tournament Burger which comes with bacon and cheese. My lunch at Uncle Buck's Grill in Kodak was the basic cheeseburger. Both of these were cooked as requested. Mine tasted good and the cheese was adequately melted. Hubby reported that his burger was good also.

Overall we were both happy with our meals at Uncle Buck's Grill in Kodak, TN. According to Hubby the only thing that was remiss was the chewy 'chicken' bites appetizer. That's when I decided to own up and admit the dish was really alligator tail. He looked at me and grinned. Something might have been mumbled about paybacks but I probably misheard.

The alligator tail at Uncle Buck's Grill has a good flavor but the jalapeno sauce was a bit on the spicy side for my taste. It is a dish that I would consider ordering again. And, Hubby said so too.

Overall, we paid about $35 bucks for lunch. It seems to be about typical for the area. I'll give Uncle Buck's Grill in Kodak, TN 4 stars.

There is one little thing though...
If you are reading this and you are with Uncle Buck's Grill could you take a look at your website. The address that you have listed reads Sevierville instead of Kodak, TN. Locals know where it is but folks with those fancy GPS units might get confused. The I-40, Exit 407 is in Kodak and is a few miles from Sevierville Thanks! 

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