Sunday, June 05, 2011

Replacement lighting makes an older home feel new

My husband's job requires us to move every few years. For awhile, we lived in a home that had very little natural light. Compounding the problem was the dark light fixtures. They were beautiful pieces but the covers were dark.

One of the things that every home needs is a good light source. Inadequate lighting can make the entire home feel uncomfortable. Changing both of the hanging light fixtures changed the atmosphere of the living room and dining room. The process was made simpler because they were ceiling fans.

We followed through with new shades and covers on the existing lights and could not have been more pleased with the results. Friends who helped us move commented on the difference when they came back to visit. The committee that was over the house also enjoyed the new look.

Another change that we made was to remove a couple of the lamps. We replaced these with multiple light floor lamps. The bulbs themselves were a lower wattage but the combination brightened up the corner much better. Sitting on the couch and studying became much easier.

One of our kids room was also dark. The fixture was old and outdated. We found a ceiling fan with lights that had brightly colored blades. Surprisingly, this was not as expensive as the other fans. She loved having the bright colors and the additional light.

Changing out the ceiling fans was a relatively simple process. The wiring was already in place. It took a little longer to change out the fan in my daughter's room but it was worth the effort.

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