Friday, June 17, 2011

Should we buy wedding invitations or make them?

Should we buy wedding invitations or make them? That question probably goes back to the days of the printing press but it's one that I'm wondering about. Since shopping for my daughter I have looked online, at wedding shops, in stationary stores and at the invitations sent from friends.

The selection is enough to make my head spin!

A friend of mine decided to split the difference. She selected tastefully printed decorations and then hired a calligrapher to hand address each one. It's a twist on what some brides are doing but the envelope caught your attention immediately. Plus, I think that even a hand printed wedding invitation is better than one with a stick on label. (Which we aren't going to do.)

Which brings me to another point. How fancy should the envelopes be? I have some really snazzy ones over at My favorites are the petal shape envelopes that resemble a flower when opened. It speaks of romance from the moment the invitation is opened.

I see these choices and then I remember... You know, my oldest daughter is pretty good at origami.

Back when I got married the choices were simple. Computers, fancy wedding envelopes and the like weren't available then. I could pretty much choose between printing, doing the calligraphy myself (Not!) or buying a preprinted party invitation and filling in the date. Simple yes. More fun? No.

So far, I'm leaning toward a petal envelope with a traditional wedding invitation tucked inside. Instead of calligraphy we will stick with hand addressing each one. But this is my idea. We'll have to see what the future Mrs. has to say about it.

Hopefully she'll like it. If she doesn't, let's just say that it's good that I have a year to plan her wedding.  

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