Monday, June 13, 2011

Travel nurses work and see the country

Travel nurses have the benefit of working in different parts of the country and doing some sightseeing in their time off. The profession of travel nurses developed to fill nursing shortages at hospitals around the country.

One of my friends is a travel nurse. I highly respect her both personally and professionally. (She had my grandmother as a patient and did a great job!) It's good to see her combining her love of nursing with her enjoyment of traveling.

We have this joke going about destinations. Twice in a few months, I've been out of town on a vacation with family or my daughters' friends. Twice my destination has collided with where my friend was working as a travel nurse. We couldn't have done a better of seeing each other if we had planned it. The surprise added to the fun of enjoying each others company.

I understand that one of the problems with being in this profession is replacing scrub sets when they get lost. In my experience, something always gets lost when you move. With rare exception what I need the most is the exact item that gets misplaced.

My friend has always been good at keeping up with things. I hope losing scrubs when moving doesn't happen to her. If it does, there is a good online store that she can check out to order a replacement set of scrubs, lab coats or pretty much whatever else she needs as far as uniforms go. They even have accessories to go with the nursing uniforms. The store url is

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