Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Why sunblock is an essential travel accessory

My daughter visited the state of Hawaii with her college band. Although the school takes trips to band competitions annually this trip had her the most excited. She talked about the trip for weeks ahead of time. 

There were many conversations about what to pack, where to go during her travel off time and lots of practicing for the competition. My daughter was all set to have a good time. We were proud of her and her achievements.

We were able to talk with her several times. Each phone call confirmed our suspicions that she was having a great time.

Then, we got the phone call we didn't want to hear. Our daughter phoned to ask about her health insurance. Specifically she wanted to know if it would work for travel in Hawaii and if she should go to a walk-in clinic or an emergency department.

Her problem wasn't serious but it did need to be treated by a physician. The most frustrating thing for us as Mom and Dad is that the problem was entirely preventable. 

She packed everything that she needed except for sunscreen. Even a travel size sunblock would have made a difference.

Sunblock can be as important for sunny winter days as it is for warm sunny days. We've used it in the dessert and on the ski slopes. It's one of the most imporant things that you can throw into a suitcase.

My daughter knows that now. The oversight cost her a 15 hour airline flight with a blistered back. What do you bet that sunblock will be the first thing that she packs next time?

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