Monday, June 13, 2011

Why we're hoping that my daughter applies at a temp agency

My daughter recently told me a joke. It would be funny if it wasn't so sad. There are a lot of people in her shoes today. The 'joke' was along the lines of... “What does the music major say after graduating from college?” Her answer? “Do you want fries with that?

She could say this because she is a music major that's having a hard time finding a job. We tried to steer her toward the teaching profession. It almost worked but someone told her that she could graduate earlier as a music major. When that happened our advice went out the went.

One good thing is that she is in graduate school. Hubby and I were hoping that might help her get a job. She is used to coordinating juvenile offenders and has helped run an office. Powerpoint, Word and faxing while taking phone calls or dealing with the public are perfect for this multitasker.

The problem is that jobs are scarce in her area. It seems that companies want people who are highly skilled or are available for more hours than a college student has open.

To combat her lack of a job we suggested a temporary service. Places like can be a viable option for graduate students, full time moms and anyone who is interested in picking up a second job.

Temp agencies (also sometimes called day labor agencies) exist to fill voids in employment when a company needs a few more employees on the short term. Some jobs may become full time permanent positions but many will not.

Another thing about temp agencies is that they are used to working around people's schedules. Temp agencies often don't have much in the way of benefits but they sometimes tend to pay better than other positions. College students don't usually worry about paid vacations. They just want time off for mid-terms and finals.

We're hoping that my daughter tries a temp agency. Even more than that we hope that it works. Otherwise, she'll continue trying to make withdrawals from First National Bank of Daddy a little longer.

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