Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A word about Laurel Burch jewelry, totes and designs

A friend of mine loves all things feline and the color purple. Recently we met for lunch and she came in sporting a brand new bag. The bag was a beautiful Laurel Burch tote that she had picked up on a girlfriend getaway weekend.

Over twenty years ago when I worked in retail we always looked forward to the next shipment of Laurel Burch items. You don't have to be a cat lover to appreciate the bright colors and designs of the products. The bags are fashionable, trendy and fun.

In case bags aren't your thing do not worry. Lauren Burch also offers a great line of jewelry. Her works are beautiful but also speak of a tragic story.

At the tender age of 14, this spectacular artist left home with little more than the clothes she was wearing. It has been said that people would stop to ask about her stylish pieces as she went about her daily life. The necessity of earning a living catapulted her into selling jewelry items that she created and wore. Laurel Burch was a walking, talking advertisement as she sold her designs.

Even when severely ill she was an artist who never failed to create beautiful pieces of art. Within a few years of leaving home collecting Laurel Burch jewelry and totes spread throughout the country. It is a phenomenon that still continues today.

Her works were not only sold for profit. A number of charitable organizations received the benefit of her work. Laurel Burch created book covers, posters and other items in support of charities.

Today, her pieces are still available through online stores and shops that carry high quality merchandise.

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