Saturday, July 23, 2011

15 things that make me smile.

Lately, wherever I've traveled the headlines have been nothing but bad news. Does it really take a rocket scientist or the media to tell us that the economy is on a s-l-o-w recovery? A step outside our door tells us that the weather is stifling.

If you are sick of bad news here's some good news. I've created this list of 15 things that make me smile. Some of these have come from my travels. Others have come from my backyard. Hopefully this list will make you smile too.
  1. Family


    Places to travel.

  2. Waterfalls

  3. Puppies

  4. Faith

  5. Sunsets

  6. Friends

  7. Beaches

  8. Rainbows

  9. Fireworks

  10. Mountains

  11. Sunshine

 13. Being with someone you love.

14.  Flowers

15. Taking pride in a job well done.

What will you put on your list of things that makes you smile?

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