Sunday, July 03, 2011

Beat heat sickness this summer and 4th of July

Do you want some tips to help you beat heat sickness this summer and for the 4th of July? Heat is inevitable. I have a problem when I'm in the summertime sunshine for too long and other people do too. When the weak shaky feelings start  it's almost too late for me to deal with the symptoms. Bouncing back takes forever.

To offset heat sickness symptoms, I'm not a doc so do follow the advice of your physician. These are some of my coping mechanisms and online sites that have been helpful for me. Some of these are listed here in case you need to beat heat sickness this summer or for the 4th of July.

Keep electrolytes in check.
Keeping these in balance seems to be the key to beating the heat. Sickness seems to start when my electrolytes are the most out of whack. To try to combat this I do the following:

Drink fluids
Stock up on drinks like Powerade, Gatorade and any other sports beverage. I have noticed a difference in my heat reaction by drinking before I'm out in the sun. Blood sugar is also one of my health challenges. Several brands of sports drinks now come with reduced sugar. Drinking a few ounces of high potassium juice like orange or pineapple seems to ward off the symptoms.

Salty foods
Eating a small bag of chips before going outside increases my sodium levels and keeps them from depleting.

Blood sugar
Rarely, my heat symptoms are made worse by adding a low blood sugar reaction on top of everything. I often check my blood sugar levels when the heat sickness symptoms first begin to develop.

Stay cool
Air conditioning is your best friend. Don't hesitate to find a sports drink and a cool spot to sit in.

Read More tips to beat summer heat sickness for more symptoms and some online sites that may be help you beat heat sickness this summer.

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  1. I got overheated on a couple of recent walks - this is definitely something to watch out for during the hot, humid summer days. Excellent tips - thanks for sharing! rcj