Sunday, July 03, 2011

Pitch your tent in the Brookyln, NY national park campground

Camping and Brooklyn, NY are not words that usually go together. This article about the new park in Brooklyn grabbed my attention. Since I'm a National Parks fan I had to learn more about it. (Go ahead and read the article too. I'll wait. Just hit the back button on your browser to get back here.)

The news isn't too good to be true. The National Parks Service has developed a campground in Brooklyn and will be expanding it. I'm not sure how you can navigate a pop-up camper through the city's streets. Traveling through traffic there can be interesting on the best days. Those who are interested might be best advised to bring a tent and basic gear.

It should be noted that all camp sites are primitive. This means you get a spot to pitch your tent or RV and access to a nearby bathroom. You won't get electricity, water hook-ups or hot showers. What you will get is a unique place to stay in the middle of Brooklyn, NY. You'll have easy access to neat places to shop, tour and to play. The campground itself offers fishing, kayaking, bicycling, archery and hiking.

Large green spaces can be difficult to find in a city like Brooklyn and the cost of real estate can be prohibitive to campground development. That is why travelers may find this to be a unique place to stay. Those who are unfamiliar with camping need not be intimidated. The National Parks Service is offering monthly camping lessons.

Travelers can find the new campground on the site of the former airport of Floyd Bennett Field in Brooklyn, NY. The airport was used by famous pilots like Amelia Earhart and Howard Hughes. Their notoriety only adds interest to this unusual vacation spot.

The campground in Brooklyn, NY promises to be one of the most unique in the national park system so far.  Find out more from the National Parks Service.

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