Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Cell phone signal boosters help when traveling

One of the most troublesome things about living in a rural area is the inability to get a consistent cell phone signal. Signal strength isn't an issue only in the area I live in. It's been an issue when it comes to travel. There are areas in the US where you can kiss your cell phone service good bye on vacation.

The places where I seem to have the most trouble is in mountain areas where I travel. Hubby and I use different cell phones on different networks. We know that signal issues are related to only cell phone provider. Terrain considerations make it impossible to get clear line to a tower.

Recently, I ran across an article about cellular boosters that sounded intriguing. Until then, I had never heard of the Wilson cellular amplifier and had no idea that it even existed.

Direct connect amplifiers are called inline boosters. These work for a single person on a single cell phone. There are also wireless boosters that work to boost signal strength for an entire building. These are specially designed for a particular building. You can get them for homes, boats and even for the RV (which may be important when traveling on vacation).

According to some of the articles that I've read these are supposed to boost the cell signal in areas where the service is poor. The amplifiers boost the transmitted signals when sending or receiving calls. This sounds like it would make my phone much more likely to be able to get a signal when I need it. Given my fondness for traveling these boosters are something I'm going to look into a little more.

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