Monday, July 11, 2011

Ferrini Boots are stylish and durable enough for the farm

My horse crazy daughter is at it again. She has ridden just enough to know that she wants to own a horse one day. Today, her Facebook page is showing some that are up for adoption.

Actually, she had a horse of her own for awhile. The executive director of a rural homeless shelter gave one of theirs to my daughter in exchange for teaching the groups of men how to handle them. It would have worked if the guys had been as interested in the horses as the were complaining about the heat.

My daughter and her Big Red
Their negativity didn't stop her from buying the right gear to work with the horses. Footwear was tops on her list. I looked at Ferrini Boots. Several of their styles looked like they would appeal to her. These are western boots so they have the all important heel that riders need.

Other items that she needed included a jacket and a few more pairs of jeans. Everything needs to be durable and high quality when working with horses. That's why it pays to purchase boots that are well made. Good boots aren't cheap but they don't have to be replaced often either.

It nearly broke her heart when the horses were deemed unfit to ride and in poor health. The executive director at the shelter had to make some difficult choices.

This summer she is working for a horse farm. She's still shopping for gear and horse treats. I dare anyone to find a happier college student anywhere. As for this mom, I'm just glad that she's having a great time earning and learning.

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