Saturday, July 23, 2011

How to make event tie down fixtures

Bucket lids are not needed to make these event tie down fixtures for the wedding. (Hint. This is the second article. Reading the first one helps this post make more sense.)

I've found that the Firehouse subs pickle buckets are much cheaper than those from the hardware store. For only $2 you can get a used 5 gallon pickle bucket in bright red. The money goes to help fund firefighting equipment to help deserving communities.

Fill the bucket about 2/3 full of cement to make the event tie down fixtures. If you fill the bucket beyond this mark it will be almost impossible to lift.

Insert the screw eye when the cement is firm but not hard. It should go in the center top of the bucket. This is where the wedding tent rope will be tied off. Place the bucket for the event tie down in a dry area. Let the cement cure as per the directions on the package.

When the cement dries, drill four holes in the side of the bucket just above the concrete. This lets rain water drain from the event tie down fixture. The holes should be placed opposite of each other. A string through each hole should make an 'x' on the top of the bucket.

At this point the event tie down fixtures are complete. Repeat the process to make as many tie downs as you need for your event or wedding.

Decorate around the screw eye with florist foam and silk flowers or use small pots of real ones. Just be sure to leave enough of the eye open for the tie down rope. For more decoration cover the buckets with mylar or foil wrap and your event tie down fixtures are ready for the wedding.

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