Saturday, July 30, 2011

Is wedding or event insurance needed

Should we purchase event or wedding insurance for the upcoming occasion? As of this writing, our daughter enters the realm of happily-ever-after in June 2012. Hubby and I have debated the insurance question for months. Yesterday, we finally found someone who could give us an honest yes.

We traveled to Chattanooga yesterday to look at a potential wedding venue. The historic spot we considered may be a real possibility for Bride and Groom. It is within a reasonable travel distance to most of their friends. Large shade trees provide relief from the afternoon or evening sun. The building balances old world charm with history that would make for an absolutely sensational wedding.

The venue is also insured. The coordinator seemed willing to answer questions so I asked for her thoughts on supplemental insurance. She was very enthusiastic and said that a lot of people rely solely on the insurance that come with the venue and it usually works out well. It turns out that she purchased a policy for the wedding of her son and could give us the full scoop.

Here's what she said about her policy.

Protection works a couple of different ways. In the event of an event related injury the policy at the venue kicks in first. Her event and wedding insurance liability covered anything that the venue did not. That is important but it only part of what her particular policy covered.

The wedding insurance she purchased covered reimbursement in case of weather. She could be reimbursed for out-of-pocket expenses if the wedding was canceled for any reason except cold feet. If a windstorm blew the tents away or a flood occurred she was covered. The policy she selected helps recoup costs if a photographer or caterer fails to show up.

She said her event insurance was not used but having it in place made her more secure. She said that several companies offer the policies and suggested checking with our agent.

Thanks to her guidance Hubby and I will do that right after Bride and Groom pick out the venue. Other coverage aside, East Tennessee storms may be the only reason we need to secure wedding insurance.

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  1. You are doing such a thorough job of getting all the details of a wedding in place. I'm learning a lot just from reading your posts! rcj

  2. I was glad to get an honest opinion on the insurance. By starting early we're hoping to get all the bases covered. Our goal is to have the least amount of stress possible. It looks like insurance may give us peace of mind.