Monday, July 25, 2011

Links on huge vandalism defacement on our Riceville church

Thank you everyone for your support of our church. I know that this blog article is a departure from my norm but I just wanted to say thanks to everyone. I also wanted to create a page where church members can find news links.

The damage to the church is beyond shocking. News media just cannot air parts of the vandalism because of the graphic nature. I'm including the news links here.

The church members and people from the community who are helping have done a good job so far with the clean up. There's no way the church would be ready for VBS on Sunday without all the hard work. To me, the sheriff's department has done an amazing job. They had teens in custody within very short order.

We've lived here less than a month. It's a privilege to be among people who make Grace the first order of the day instead of anger. Hopefully one day whoever did this will be able to do the same.

Please keep us in your prayers.

WATE - Satanic Symbols, profanities painted on McMinn County Church
WRCB - Update 2 Teens charged with vandalizing a McMinn County Church 
WRCB - McMinn Church vandalized

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